National Criminal Database Search

Search Summary:

This search provides same-day access to the largest criminal database available, currently containing over 180 million records. As a valuable supplementary resource to the County Criminal Court Search, this search may discover convictions in counties not identified through the Social Security Trace. These records are indexed from state correctional facilities, sex offender lists, and some state and county records.

Information Reported:

Not all states/counties report to the National Criminal Database, however the contributing jurisdictions may provide:

  • Records from State Correction Facilities
  • State Repository and County Criminal Court Records
  • Felony Cases, Misdemeanors and Warrants
  • Sex Offender Records

Average Turn-Around:

Same Day
*The confirmation of hits can extend the turn-around to our average of 1-3 business days.


Per the FCRA, Occuscreen will confirm all hits in the National Criminal Search through the County Criminal Court Search, to avoid the reporting of stale and/or incorrect data.