Social Security Number Trace (Person Search)

Using the name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number supplied by your applicant on the Disclosure and Release Form, the Social Security Trace helps you verify the accuracy of the information and identify potential fraud. The Social Security Trace, also known as a Person Search, provides a list of previous addresses as well as names (AKA’s) associated with the applicant’s social security number. This information is pulled through a variety of different sources, compiled when an applicant applies for credit, registers to vote, signs up for a utility company, etc. This search is an essential first step in the screening process, as it provides a roadmap to help select the courts which need to be researched to obtain criminal records.

Information Reported:

  • Whether SSN was validly issued
  • Previous addresses associated with SSN
  • All names associated with SSN
  • Whether SSN belongs to a deceased person
  • Year/State SSN was issued*
    *The SSA changed the way the SSN’s were issued on June 25, 2011. Year and State of issuance cannot be determined on SSN’s issued after this date.

Average Turn-Around:

This is a instant search. Turn-around is 24 hours due to Occuscreen’s audit process of information.


The SSN trace should only be used as an investigative tool to help expand the parameters of the criminal check by identifying previous names and addresses an applicant may have used, and as a warning that the number may be invalid. The information obtained in this search should never be used by itself as the basis to make an employment decision.