Oral Fluids Drug Screening

Oral fluids specimen collection provides a unique solution for workplace drug testing. Oral fluids testing offers the benefit of having a non-invasive collection process which can be administered onsite, witnessed by a manager and confirmed at an approved laboratory. The collection of oral fluids reduces the opportunity for substituted specimens and tampering, which can include taking adulteration products, switching samples, or the over-consumption of liquids to cause dilute specimens. Results show drug substances currently in the system, which is similar to a blood test.

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Detection Window:

  • Typically from minutes after use, to 24-36 hours*
    *This detection window is slightly less for Marijuana (minutes after use, to 24 hours). The parent THC drug must still be in the donor’s system for detection.

Best Used For:

  • Post-Accident
  • Random
  • Probable Cause/Suspicion

Also Common For:

  • Pre-Employment
    (especially useful when there are no convenient collection sites open and/or available)

Average Turnaround Time:

  • Negative results average within 24 hours
    (from receipt of specimen at the laboratory)
  • Positive results are confirmed within an additional 24-72 hours*
    *It is recommended that all positive results are sent through the Medical Review (MRO) process.