Clear Results. Confident Hiring.

With over twenty years of combined experience, Occuscreen provides employers with access to the highest level of screening and technology available in the industry. Our goal is to treat the needs of each client individually, with a focus on providing excellent customer service, on-going relationship building and integrity to businesses of all sizes.

At Occuscreen, We Care About…

  • Timely results.
  • Maintaining FCRA Compliance.
  • Service and accessibility to our team of experts.
  • Providing a customized service Experience.
  • Equity and fair hiring practices.
  • People and how jobs impact their lives.

What do you care about?

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Founded in 1991 with a mission to offer reliable information at the most competitive pricing, Occuscreen continues to provide employers nationwide with the information they need to hire confidently and efficiently. Occuscreen’s focus remains entirely on employment screening, including criminal background checks and drug screening services.