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With their all-in-one, intuitive platform, your organization can make strategic decisions, cultivate a modern workplace, and enhance employee engagement—all while making your life easier. Engage employees with secure, mobile, 24/7 access to payroll and HR information where and when they need it.

What Paylocity Can Do for You

  • Automate the process of requesting a change of status, position, or compensation
  • Equip you with real time reports, analytics, and dashboards to help you monitor key metrics and identify trends
  • Offer expert consultants, technology, and compliance resources built to help you conquer today’s workplace challenges
  • Save time by minimizing employee data redundancy
  • Enable quick transfers for benefit files, 401(k) information, retirement plans, and much more automatically to your preferred vendor(s)
  • Provide employees with self-serve, on-demand access to their checks and other benefits information

For information, contact Josh Wilner, Payroll Technology Account Executive

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HUB International

HUB is a global insurance firm that looks out for the wellbeing of your organization, employees and families. HUB’s reach and resources mean you have what you need when you need it – and before you know you need it. Together we develop a multi-year strategy that helps your organization prepare for, adapt to and get ahead of workforce challenges.

A multi-year strategy can give your organization the framework and flexibility you need to:

  • Align your benefits and key rewards with your mission and values
  • Understand your cost drivers, achieve sustainable results and optimize every dollar spent
  • Craft affordable employee benefit options that meet the unique needs of your workforce with HUB’s proprietary Persona Analysis
  • Lighten your workload with the right technology solutions
  • Build a multi-faceted communication plan all year long
  • Enhance the health and productivity of your workforce
  • Stay in compliance and up to date on the rapidly changing legislation

To learn more about how HUB’s expertise and analytic tools can help you achieve your short- and long term goals, contact:

Tracy Vicario
Vice President, Benefits
(503) 310-9378

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At Xenium, we believe organizations should focus on serving their clients, growing their business, and carrying out their mission—and that’s why Xenium is a perfect partner for handling the administrative responsibilities of being an employer, including HR, payroll, and benefits administration. Whether your need is a combination of HR compliance, HR strategy or project support, as-needed employee relations, supervisory training, compensation design & consulting – Xenium’s dedicated HR team steps in where you need support the most. In addition to specialized HR support, Xenium is also a full service Payroll & Benefits Administration firm, supporting employers with payroll processing and robust HRIS functionality. Learn more at or contact Julie today!

Julie Matthiessen
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d. 503.612.2036