Occuscreen Protocols for Reporting Records

Occuscreen is committed to complying with applicable laws. At all times, Occuscreen, LLC’s reporting practices shall be geared towards meeting these legal reporting standards.

Reporting by Search Scope Parameters (County, State, Nationwide, Federal)

Occuscreen will report case details based on the client scope requirements (standard scope is 7 years from the file or conviction date), applicable law* and available identifiers.

Reporting Sources for Criminal Court Searches

Information will be reported from available courts, most typically the District County Court (or County Seat) and Superior Courts. Lower-level courts are not guaranteed.

Below is a general list of the items reported/excluded from criminal screenings:

Non-reportable Records (not a complete list)

  • Charge level is not Felony or Misdemeanor
  • Name and/or unique identifiers are not a sufficient match to applicant
  • Conviction/Disposition date is outside of the requested search scope
  • Non-convictions outside of a 7-year scope
    (Note: non-convictions cannot be reported even if the disposition dates are within 7 years)
  • Dismissed cases (or the equivalent)
  • Expunged cases
  • Arrest records

Examples of non-reportable dispositions

  • Dismissed
  • Nolle Prosequi
  • Nolle Prossed
  • Acquitted
  • No Billed
  • Letter of Release
  • No Information Filed

California Specific Restrictions

  • Reporting of records in California is restricted to 7 years
  • Non-felony marijuana possession convictions reported from California County Courts for candidates living in CA or applying to work in CA, restricted to two (2) years
  • Deferred cases, deferrals, or other non-convictions cannot be reported in California regardless of the age of the case

*Several states have adopted their own variations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These states (CA, CO, KS, MD, MA, MT, NH, NM, NY, TX, WA) may have limits on scope or reportability of certain case types. Please contact us for more information.