The Importance of Monitoring: Driver (MVR), Criminal Database and Healthcare Compliance

Feb 19, 2024 | News & Updates

In today’s dynamic business landscape, employers face many challenges when it comes to ensuring a safe and trustworthy workforce. From maintaining workplace safety to safeguarding company reputation, employers are finding the benefit of using proactive measures such as monitoring services to complement their screening program.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR monitoring), National Criminal Database Monitoring, and Healthcare Compliance Monitoring (of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and System for Award Management (SAM) database) have become invaluable tools for employers seeking to ensure continued integrity in the workplace

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Monitoring

For employees that operate a vehicle as part of their job description, running an initial MVR is a common and beneficial tool for insight into driving history, license status, traffic violations and accidents. Many employers repeat this check annually, but what happens in the meantime? Finding out your employee had traffic violations or a suspended license several months after the fact is not helpful. Enrolling them in a monitoring program can give you real-time information and promote driver safety in your organization. By running a baseline MVR and then enrolling your driver in Monitoring, you never have to run another MVR during their employment, unless there is an alert on their history.   Occuscreen’s partnership with SambaSafety allows for continued current information on your drivers and promotes safety and compliance in your organization.

National Criminal Database Monitoring

While the National Criminal Database is not entirely comprehensive nationwide, it is the best way we have to throw a net across the country and look for criminal records that may or may not be found in the county of residence. National Criminal Database Monitoring sends an alert when a record is reported that may belong to your employee. We’ll confirm the information and send you the results, so that you can respond as necessary in real time. Enrolling employees in criminal monitoring is one tool in staying informed about your workforce. Combining this tool with annual county court checks, and other searches as needed, can be one more step in making sure your team is safe and productive.

Healthcare Compliance Monitoring

If your work includes federal healthcare programs or you are receiving federal contracts, grants, or other benefits, you are likely required to run an OIG/SAM search on your employees to confirm that they are not barred from doing business with federal entities due to prior fraud or default. Regular monitoring of the database helps employers ensure continued compliance with the regulatory requirements. Monitoring for Level 1 and Level 3 Healthcare Compliance are available. Level 1 includes OIG, SAM/EPLS, , FDA Debarment and Tri-Care while Level 3 includes the addition of state level Medicaid exclusion lists and state board disciplinary action sources.

Occuscreen is pleased to provide all of these monitoring services, offering valuable tools to mitigate risks, enhance workplace safety and safeguard company integrity. If you would like more information on the process and pricing of any of these services, please reach out to us at