The Benefits of Rapid Oral Fluid Testing for Employers

Feb 20, 2024 | News & Updates

What is oral fluid testing? Oral fluid testing, also known as saliva drug testing, is a non-invasive method used to detect the presence of drugs in an individual’s system. Unlike traditional urine tests, oral fluid testing offers several advantages, including ease of administration, quick results, reduced privacy concerns, and no need for collection sites or time away from the job site.

What makes Oral Fluid testing different? Oral Fluid testing has been gaining traction for many years as an option to urine testing because of the ability to collect onsite, but also because the results are particularly effective in detecting recent drug use, offering a shorter detection window compared to urine or hair tests. This has become increasingly important with the adoption of legalized recreation marijuana laws, and the restrictions in some states for testing for the use of marijuana outside of work.

Why rapid testing? Rapid testing allows employers to receive negative results quickly and be able to act immediately in those instances, while any positive test will need to be confirmed with a lab-based analysis.  This type of testing alleviates much of the frustration of waiting for results as you will only be sending in the non-negative results for confirmation.

Occuscreen offers lab-analyzed oral fluid testing, which is easy, convenient and offers results that are as compliant and defensible as a urine test. We also offer several options for rapid testing to complement your testing program. As early adopters of this technology years ago, we feel confident in working with you to create a drug screening program that suits your needs and is effective, simple and cost-effective.

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