Occuscreen Announces Strategic Partnership with SambaSafety

Oct 27, 2023 | News, News & Updates

Occuscreen is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SambaSafety, the market leader in cloud-based risk management solutions. The partnership will deliver valuable insights into post-hire driver behavior and give businesses the tools needed to make informed decisions to proactively mitigate potential risk.

This collaborative partnership combines Occuscreen’s expertise in background checks with SambaSafety’s advanced driver monitoring capabilities, providing employers with a holistic view of potential risk throughout the pre and post-hire hiring process, ensuring businesses are making informed decisions and keeping safe drivers on the road.

Pamela Mack, President of Occuscreen shares, “We are very excited to join forces with SambaSafety, our long-time partner for Motor Vehicle Records, to take an even bigger step in promoting safe driving in non-emergency medical transportation industries. Real-time driver information gives companies the confidence to take action as needed, and provide training that addresses risky driver behavior while protecting the safety of their team and the community. We have a long history partnering with the NEMT and transportation industries and are excited to be able to offer these highly effective services.”

Jerry Baker, VP of Channels at SambaSafety also adds, “Through our partnership, we are thrilled to offer Occuscreen customers access to the leading, cloud-based driver risk management solution, designed to reduce the frequency and severity of claims, control insurance costs and enforce driver safety policies across the organization.”

To learn more about Occuscreen, visit www.occuscreen.com

To learn more about SambaSafety visit www.sambasafety.com

About Occuscreen

Occuscreen has been a trusted name in pre-employment background screening for over three decades. With a commitment to accuracy, compliance and fast turnaround times, Occuscreen provides businesses nationwide with the insights needed to hire with confidence, along with streamlined services and high-touch customer service to make the process simple and efficient.   

About SambaSafety

SambaSafety is a recognized innovator and leading provider of cloud-based risk management solutions for over 15,000 organizations with automotive mobility exposure, including many on Fortune’s Global 500 list. Employers and insurers benefit from SambaSafety’s continuous monitoring, intuitive insights, risk reduction tools and configurable pricing solutions. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of federal, state, local and telematics data sources, our flexible, end-to-end capabilities enable businesses and insurers to better evaluate and mitigate driving risk, accelerate product development, reduce crashes and foster safer communities. 

For more details and pricing information, please reach out to us at info@occuscreen.com