Reminder: New Sample Disclosure and Authorization Forms with Updated FCRA Summary of Rights

Jun 5, 2023 | Legal Updates, News, News & Updates

***Please note, if you are using our current electronic disclosure process (QuickApp) you do not need to make any changes. Our technical team is making the needed changes and electronic forms will be updated with the new Summary of Rights prior to the deadline***

The CFPB has updated the Summary of Rights: A new Summary can be found by clicking HERE as well as an updated Disclosure Authorization Form. The new Summary of Rights takes effect on April 19th, 2023 and is required for use by March 2024.

Updated Sample Disclosure Form: From time-to-time new recommendations are made regarding Disclosure and Authorization forms, and how they are best used in the criminal background screening process. Consent for employment screening is required by the FCRA prior to screening services being initiated on an applicant/employee.  Occuscreen is happy to provide a sample form as a courtesy to our clients. This should not be construed as legal advice. It is ultimately the responsibility of the end user to maintain compliance and determine an implementation policy. Provided below is our most current sample disclosure and authorization form, as well as the Summary of Rights and NY Article 23-A which must accompany the disclosure and authorization, when given to an applicant. Once completed by the applicant, you are required to keep the forms in your records. You will not need to send the forms to Occuscreen, unless we request them from you for compliance purposes.

The Sample Disclosure and other documents can be accessed by clicking HERE. They are available for your use and will be considered your own, not an Occuscreen document. This sample form may not necessarily meet every federal, state and local law, depending on your location and time of use. Therefore, as always, we strongly recommend that you consult with counsel to ensure that your screening documents comply with both federal and local laws.

As a reminder, please be sure to add your company name to the documents in the spaces provided. Our contact information as the Consumer Reporting Agency is already included, as required when using our services.

Important Information – Please note: It is an FCRA requirement to send all the three documents (plus any additional state required forms) together to your applicants if you plan to use the sample for your consent process. (Disclosure, Authorization, and Summary of Rights Under the FCRA)

If you have questions about this information, please reach out to us at

Thank you so much for being our valued client!