We Want Your Feedback

May 26, 2023 | News, News & Updates

We recently sent out a Client Service Survey to a random selection of clients as a way to provide an open line of communication and to hear, from you, what your biggest hiring challenges are, if you have plans to add or change payroll, ATS or HRIS platforms, and just to make sure we are exceeding your expectations or troubleshoot anywhere that you feel we are not.  And we plan to continue to do this into the future.  If you have the opportunity to provide feedback, we hope you will. If you’d like to give us feedback now, please CLICK HERE to do so!

The biggest takeaway we had was that overall you absolutely love our responsive team!  Also that many of you are considering new platforms that provide integrated employment screening.  We recognize that system integration and bringing new efficiencies is a big consideration and we want to be proactive and let you know we are able to integrate with nearly all platforms.  What often happens is a company switches ATS providers and that provider only offers one, maybe two, options for employment screening.  So, you may feel stuck with something you are not happy with.  Your options are to either work with a third-party provider, outside the integration, or continue to be frustrated with less-than-stellar service. Why compromise if you don’t have to?

We want to know if you are considering an integrated option, and with whom, so we can do our best to integrate and continue to provide you with the service you are accustomed to.  Obviously there are things to consider such as lead times, integration costs and overall value, but ultimately we want to continue to be your provider of choice for many years to come. And, in case you didn’t know, we can also provide a simple integration solution for $99 start up and $10 per month usage fee, that works for absolutely any system!

If you have questions, or want to ask about potential integrations, reach out to your Occuscreen team at operations@occuscreen.com